Puzzle 27

We have been getting some feedback regarding how to unlock Puzzle 27 in our Puzzle Packs.

Puzzle 27 is one of the secret puzzles and to unlock it you must view every factoid. If you don't know what a factoid is or how to view it, let us explain.

A factoid is a brief or trivial item of news or information. In each Chain Link puzzle there is a single factoid available for one of the compound word or phrases.

After you solve the chain link in the puzzle with the factoid, a brain icon appears near one of the chain links. In the photo below the factoid icon is to the left of the word PINK and indicates that PINK EYE has the factoid.

You can tap anywhere on the chain link to view the factoid, which opens in a popup shown in the image below.

When you first solve the puzzle the icon will be yellow but once you have viewed the icon the brain icon turns pink, indicating you have read the factoid and transferred it into your brain.

To unlock Puzzle 27 you must view each other factoid in the pack. One quick way to do this is to look at the color of the icon in each puzzle and ensure that it is pink, and if it is not tap on the chain link to view it.

We hope that clears up any confusion you may have.