Chain Link


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Release Date:
March, 2015


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Chain Link is an easy to play but deceptively challenging word puzzle game. Each puzzle consists of five sets of three words. The middle word of each set is missing, and when discovered, it combines with the words on the left and right to turn them into everyday compound words and phrases.

Example: BED – ? – SPRAY

Both words can be linked together by the word BUG to form BEDBUG and BUGSPRAY.

Every puzzle provides an interesting fun fact or definition for one of the compound words.

Progressive hints are available to assist you if needed. They provide you first with the number of letters in the missing word, then the first letter and then the word itself.

Each pack of puzzles contains bonus puzzles that can be unlocked by completing progress milestones within the pack.

In addition to the available puzzle packs, there is always a new free puzzle released each day.

If you like word puzzle games, then you will love Chain Link!

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